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The Art of the Bodhisattva

4 Tuesdays, November 6 - 27, 6:30-8:30 pm. Taught by Shōhō Terry Andrews and Sanran Maite Leal.

In this class we will be looking at the origin, stories, and evolution of two of the principle bodhisattvas (enlightening beings) of Mahayana Buddhism.
Bodhisattvas embody boundless wisdom and compassion. We will follow their path from their origins in India as they make their way across the Himalayas into China and throughout Southeast Asia, Mongolia and Japan.
How have artists brought the sublime beauty of the bodhisattva ideal to the Earthly realm where all of us can feel its inspiration?
Mahāyāna Buddhism encourages everyone to take the bodhisattva vows to work for the complete enlightenment of all sentient beings.

Terry Andrews, a longtime practitioner and senior member at Zen Center, is an artist. Maite Leal, a senior member of Zen Center, is a conservator of paintings. Both Terry and Maite work at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. 

Each class begins with meditation.

  Terry Andrews & Maite Leal

Terry Andrews & Maite Leal

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