Morning Meditation

Zazen means sitting meditation. Everyone is welcome. You may come for the first period of zazen, or the second, or both. You can leave when walking meditation begins or ends, depending on your own schedule.

5:50 am Zazen
6:30 am Kinhin - walking
6:40 am Zazen
7:10 am Chanting
7:15 am End of Program

Evening Meditation

5:30–6:10 pm Zazen


no scheduled meditation

Saturday Morning

Everyone is welcome.
8:20 am Zazen
9:00 am End of Zazen

Sunday Program

You may attend all or part of the Sunday program.
This is the largest program of the week and includes chanting.
Everyone is welcome.
8:20 am Chanting and bows
8:50 am Zazen – Meditation
9:20 am Newcomer's Introduction - or Soji / Temple Cleaning for non-Newcomers
9:45 am Dharma Talk
Followed by tea & refreshments

Sunday Evening

Everyone is welcome.
6:00–7:00 pm Zazen