David Loy: Why Buddhism & the Modern World Need Each Other

Zen Center is honored to host Professor David Loy for a free public lecture on Friday April 21. David is one of the founding members of the new Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center, near Boulder, Colorado.

David lectures nationally and internationally, focusing primarily on the encounter between Buddhism and modernity: what each can learn from the other. He is especially concerned about social and ecological issues. A popular recent lecture appears in Tikkun: “Healing Ecology: A Buddhist Perspective on the Eco-crisis”, which argues that there is an important parallel between what Buddhism says about our personal predicament and our collective predicament today in relation to the rest of the biosphere. You can hear David's podcast interview with Wisdom Publications here. Presently he is offering workshops on “Transforming Self, Transforming Society” and on a recent book. He also leads meditation retreats. Please visit the Ecodharma website for more information about the new retreat center. An article about the Center recently appeared in the Daily Camera, which you can read here.