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Volunteer to be in short video about Houston Zen Center

Daniel Salazar

Daniel Salazar

We are making a short film for the website. Daniel (on the right) is a gifted professional video artist –  and a member of HZC. There will be refreshments.
Daniel filmed a lot of activity at the first shoot, and this one will focus on the activity of standing on the front steps while a few people enter the front door.
Please come in your regular Zen clothes, or casual attire that you wear to the Center. We want people to see a normal Sunday at the Center.

We really want everyone to be in the film – dressed as you usually dress for events at the Center. You can sign up here, or at the Center.

We hope this will provide curious new practitioners with a welcoming friendly entry to Zen practice at Houston Zen Center.

Name *
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I am available for filming during the following hours. I will leave more detail in the "message" area if necessary.
Tell us anything we need to know. We really appreciate your participation.