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Entering the Path of Practice


For meditators who want to enter Zen deeply, to investigate the mind of daily life, Houston Zen Center offers Entering the Path of Practice (EPP), an advanced program of guided exploration, study and training. 

Entering the Path of Practice is organized as three eight-week-long modules, each module emphasizing one of the three treasures: BUDDHA (great teachers and practitioners of the Way), DHARMA (teachings and practice) and SANGHA (the community of practitioners). 
The modules are not consecutive, but are scheduled over the course of more than a year. Also, the modules are not necessarily in order - participants entering the program may begin with any one of the three modules. 

Each module incorporates zazen, lectures, readings, training in temple practice forms, discussions in various formats, and peer-led meetings among program participants. Depending on timing, other HZC events such as specific retreats or talks may also be included under the umbrella of EPP. The program is designed to help sincere participants cultivate and develop vital daily practice as sangha members and as individuals.

Coming together and sitting zazen on a regular basis, maintaining meditative awareness within and through our daily activities, studying dharma teachings, and meeting regularly with teachers and dharma friends--these activities are primary marks of Zen practice in the Soto tradition.

Senior members of HZC, long-time meditators for whom Zen practice is foundational to life, are the program's leaders. Select one of the buttons for the schedule or for an application. 

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Maite Leal
Later Event: March 4
Abbot Gaelyn Godwin