Gayle Klaybor: Not Knowing Mind

Dharma Talk by Jika (Earth Song) Gayle Klaybor. Gayle is the co-Tanto, (the co-Head of Practice of Zen Center. She is a member of the Board of Directors of HZC, as well as a member of the team that practices the Way of Flowers, providing contemplative and stunning flower arrangements for the altars. She is also a recently retired psychotherapist.

Vicki Glenn: Lojong

Dharma Talk by Zengetsu Vicki Glenn, Ino/Head of the Meditation Hall of HZC, senior Zen sewing teacher, senior member of HZC, and teacher of children. Zengetsu received ordination as a Zen Priest on June 10, 2018.

Brandon Lamson: Continuous Practice

Brandon's Dharma Name means Inkstone Ocean, Turning Toward the Light. He is a senior member of HZC, a former member of the Board of Directors, an adjunct professor of creative writing at UH, a poet, a yoga teacher, and a founder of the Dharma Punx group at HZC.