Celebrate Buddha's Birthday

Sunday, April 3
10:45 - noon
Celebrate the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha with cake, chanting, flowers and a sweet ceremony. Everyone is welcome, children as well as adults. The ceremony begins shortly after the end of the Sunday dharma talk. The ceremony takes place in the garden, near the fountain.

Birthday flower house

Birthday flower house

Shakyamuni Buddha, the historical Buddha, or Awakened One, was born in northern India in approximately 566 bce, or about 2,580 years ago. The birth of the Buddha is celebrated by all Buddhist traditions, but different traditions celebrate it on different days, during different seasons. Zen Buddhists celebrate it in early April.

The Buddha was born into a privileged family in Lumbini, India, but, as a young man, he left the family to seek deeper understanding. His enlightenment is celebrated in early December. After enlightenment, he began to teach others about his insights, hoping to give the benefits of his understanding to everyone. He continued to teach for 45 years, finally passing away in Kushinagar, India in approximately 483 bce. 

The ceremony for the passing away, Parinirvana, takes place in February. The celebration of the Buddha's Birth, as well as the celebration of his enlightenment, is a joyous, festive affair. We hope you will join the party.