Samu - Zen Garden and Temple Work Practice

Sunday, March 19 8:20-11:00 am

Mary Carol Edwards, and Abbot Gaelyn Godwin Roshi

Mary Carol Edwards, and Abbot Gaelyn Godwin Roshi

Join Mary Carol Edwards, Assistant Teacher of HZC and Head Gardener, and Vicki Glenn, Ino/Head of the Meditation Hall, in a morning of temple and garden care and practice. We begin with a brief morning service (chanting), followed by indoor and outdoor activities. Everyone is encouraged to join in the Zen practice of working together.

The word "samu" means "temple work" and is used to refer to the activities of Zen practitioners as they care for the temple grounds and buildings. Samu is done mindfully and quietly, as if the activity is part of the meditation itself. You are welcome to work indoors or outdoors.

The Sunday schedule includes a dharma talk after the period of Samu, and refreshments.