Year End Appeal to Enhance the Sound for Dharma Talks

Friends & Members,
Please consider helping match the funds that your Center has received to allow the purchase and installation of microphones and speakers to make the dharma talks more easily heard.

More than ever the importance of hearing the dharma teachings of wisdom, compassion and skillful means is apparent in our world. Seeking clarity and peace, the many seekers who arrive at Zen Center are welcomed with warmth and friendship.

  1. Sound system: The first installation will be in the Eastern Zendo in the main building. With enough funds we will also add a sound system to the Western Hall – the zendo in the carriage house.
  2. A/C system: The newly renovated side Zendo/Meditation Hall in the main building will also need a “mini-split”, a small auxiliary a/c and heating unit mounted on the wall. The room is very full during dharma talks, necessitating additional air handling. Part of the money has been donated, please consider helping your Center reach the goal to complete the project. 

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