New Year's Eve

Celebrate with some meditation, refreshments, and the ceremony of bowing in the New Year.

Coming And going: You are welcome to come and go throughout the evening - you may stay for the entire evening or just join one period of meditation to include it in your end-of-year activities.

Ringing in the New Year: Just before midnight we begin to ring the big zendo bell. The bell is rung 108 times and comes to a conclusion shortly after midnight. Everyone who wants to also bows with the ringing of the bell. 
8:45 pm doors open
9:00 Zazen/meditation begins
9:30 Walking meditation
10:15 Tea and refreshments
Meditation, both sitting and walking, continues to midnight.
A small bonfire is lit at midnight and the hindrances we want to burn are added to the fire.
New Year's Toast: The final activity is a celebratory toast to the New Year and to all the possibilities it offers.
May everyone enjoy a peaceful New Year!