Retire the Mortgage

We have very encouraging news for you. Thanks to your generous support, we have almost reached the end of the goal of retiring the mortgage of $400,000 on our temple property so that we own it free and clear of debt.

Funds Raised So far



We aim to raise a final sum of $74,000, and, together with you and with your steady dedication to the Houston Zen Center, we are energized and positive about reaching the goal within the coming year, enabling your Center to maintain the wide welcoming entry to meditation the Center provides to countless people.

Together with you we have raised more than $274,000 to date, plus pledges for gifts in the coming years. We have already made the first of the mortgage payments of $83,709.17 and will be able to make two more payments of that amount this year. Our generous lender has offered to forgive the final payment of $83,709.17 if we make the first four payments on time.

Thus, we have only to raise $74,000 more to reach our goal and be completely free of the mortgage obligation.

We are happy to report that every single member of the Board, the Abbot, and Practice Leaders including the Assistant teachers, have all made significant donations and pledges. We hope that every friend and member will join us, at whatever amount is appropriate, in this effort to own our temple and grounds free of debt.

Please join with us in our big push. We will have more events to broaden the opportunities of giving to this effort, and, if you are ready to make a donation at this time, a donation card is enclosed for you.

If you have any questions, please contact Treasurer Gary Grubitz and/or Board Secretary Parmita Derden