Riding the Ox

Riding the Ox

Donate to the American Zen Teachers Association Scholarship Fund

The annual AZTA meeting is an extraordinary opportunity for teachers from all schools of Zen to come together to discuss important issues while enjoying convivial companionship. The expenses for the meeting are beyond the reach of some excellent teachers, and, if you are able to donate toward the travel expenses of members of the AZTA -- especially for members who have been unable to attend meetings in person because of financial constraints -- this will enrich the meeting immeasurably. Your generosity will benefit all AZTA members by enhancing the meeting.

Your donation is tax deductible and a letter will be provided acknowledging your donation. 100% of your donation will be given to traveling teachers. Requests for scholarship can be submitted to AZTA Conference Committee member Anita Feng.

Thank you very much and we here at Houston Zen Center look forward to seeing you at the meeting July 18-22, 2018. 
With palms together,
Gaelyn Godwin, Houston Zen Center